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Welcome to the Youth Soccer Online training platform! This tool has been developed to create a virtual, online classroom where you can learn to coach youth soccer.

There are over 20,000 youth soccer players rising through the ranks in New Mexico every year and the need for new, qualified coaches is constant. The better trained you are, the better prepared your children will be for the future and the more rewarding your experience will be. For this reason, we have tried to create the most effective online training experience available anywhere using the latest in web based video and interactive media.

The courses are broken into pages and chapters. Each page covers a different concept. Pages are grouped together by concept into chapters. In addition to the text, audio, and video available on pages, there are supportive documents available for download at the bottom of each page. At the end of each chapter there will be a short, multiple-choice quiz. If you are unsuccessful in completing one of the end-of-chapter quizzes you should simply continue to review the chapter material until you understand the information and then retake the quiz. At the end of the entire course you will find both your course license and the entire course manual available for you to download.

In order to fully enjoy and understand online courses you may wish to plan on spreading the experience out over several sessions and fully exploring all media and related documents. As you complete each end-of-chapter quiz your progress is saved so you do not have to retake that portion of the course. If for any reason you lose connection to the course while in progress it will still remember the last quiz completed. In addition, you are always free to go back and review any portion you have completed.

Thank you for taking the time to join the ranks of New Mexico Youth Soccer coaches!

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